Ajda Kadunc Propagation

Ajda Kadunc: Propagation


7/6/2024 – 26/7/2024

Pulsating hum, buzz, murmur. Rays of primordial fire permeate through smoke, a veil, a net. From the depths, roots, mycelia, weeds spread, multiply, branch. Relentless, indifferent, they penetrate through obstacles, move, overgrow, decay. They cut, they dig, they gnaw, they carve the way. Weaving, braiding, tangling, knotting a mysterious tissue. Forming the flesh of the world. They inhabit, invade, envelop, mark. A glimpse from a cell to the cosmos through the porous layers of plasma. It seeps, it oozes, it simmers, it erodes. Colliding with the barrier, an enclosure, the grounding point. Soil and clay. Oil and canvas. Carved wood, worm wood, a trunk, a stump. Weeds and mycelia. Electric fence, a net, a tube, zip ties, ironing board foam, sofa lining, epoxy resin. Mycelium sporing in a webbed mould. Thorn-shaped clay, a bud. Digital print on a mycelium block. Dry smudging of oil on canvas, textile. Ink and coloured pencil. Organisms trapped in epoxy resin. Liminal space, the space in between. Structures, patterns, layering, a process. Movement, transition, interruptions and encounters. Wild and domesticated. Meanings lost between representation and what’s invisible to us.


Curator: Jure Kirbiš


Exhibition is part of the accompanying program EKO 9, the Triennial of Art and Environment organized by UGM Maribor.



Ajda Kadunc (b. 1995) graduated in 2018 from the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, and recently completed her master’s degree course at the same institution. In 2020 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. She has participated in several group exhibitions, including Knifer Gallery (Osijek, 2022), Alkatraz Gallery (Ljubljana, 2021) and the IV International Student Biennial (Split, 2021). Her solo presentations include exhibitions at Layer House (Kranj, 2021) and DobraVaga Gallery (Ljubljana, 2020). In her artistic practice, uncertainty is replaced by the principle of exploring new orders and alternative spaces of communication that transcend our perception of reality and normality. She is interested in the newly established meaning created by the stories of different elements and surfaces in relation to the space in which they land.

Installation Views