EKO 9 2024

Eyes in the Stone

EKO 9, Triennial of Art and Environment

Old Sanatorium, Tyrševa ulica 19, Maribor

17.5. – 28.7.2024

Opening: 17.5.2024 at 7pm


The Triennale EKO, established in 1980 in what was then Yugoslavia, is one of the oldest events of its kind. The EKO Triennale will be dedicated to visual arts that explore and comment on the numerous changes at the global and local levels that impact the environments in which we live and upon which we depend. We have moved the triennale out of gallery spaces and established its new location with the aim of reactivating urban areas.


EKO 9 Collateral Environments:

Ajda Kadunc / Propagation

Solo exhibition

7.6.2024 – 26.7.2024

Opening: 7.6.2024 at 7pm

Tkalka Gallery, Tkalski prehod 4, Maribor


“In this exhibition I present a recent multi-media production where I explore the limits of painting and contemporary artistic practices and their impact on our understanding of society, identity and the environment. It is an exploration of the tension between the separation of nature and culture, and at the same time methods of communicating with our immediate environment and other beings based on the knowledge (experience, perception, meaning) that we have. Through the use of artificial and organic materials, I am interested in work that is situated between the familiar and the foreign, and that seeks to approach through technique the methods used by different inhabitants of landscapes in their structures and communications with the environment. I am interested in a space that gives the impression that something is in process and not enclosed by meaning.” 


Ajda Kadunc (1995) graduated in 2018 from the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she is completing her MA studies. In 2020 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. She has participated in several group exhibitions, including Knifer Gallery (Osijek, 2022), Alkatraz Gallery (Ljubljana, 2021) and the IV International Student Biennial (Split, 2021). She has had solo exhibitions at Layer House (Kranj, 2021) and DobraVaga Gallery (Ljubljana, 2020). In her artistic practice, uncertainty is replaced by the principle of exploring new orders and alternative spaces of communication that transcend our perception of reality and normality. She is interested in the newly established meaning created by the stories of different elements and surfaces in relation to the space in which they land.