Group exhibition Tkanja I. / Weaves I.


8/12/2023 – 26/1/2024

The exhibition Tkanja I. / Weaves I. presents the artworks of five female artists belonging to the younger generation, who, despite their differences in subject matter, are united by the need to recognize the contemporary moment in time and place themselves in it. The ambiguity of meaning, the vagueness, the absurd, the unstable, and the fragile are transformed into gestures that begin to blur the boundaries between painting, sculpture, and space. Uncompromisingly, but at the same time sophisticatedly and with a feel for artistic techniques, elements and content, the artists weave, out of a previous, uncertain state, their works which – as a kind of in-between spaces between the visible and the invisible, appear before the viewer, where they draw new images, open up different ways of seeing and thinking.


Curator: Anja Seničar


Ana Janež

Ana Janež creates in the field of painting, drawing, photography, and installation, paying particular attention to the surface of her works and their appearance in the given space. In the process of transforming digital records into analogue ones and vice versa, seemingly abstract structures emerge, suggesting the absence of reality. This enables the static works to explore the relationship between moment and duration, the dissection and duplication of segment and the absence of narrative which may at first confuse the viewer, but it also encourages them to fill the space between the digital and the corporeal, the present and the absent, with their own reflection.

Ajda Kadunc

Ajda Kadunc bases her works on large format paintings, but extends it with found and discarded surfaces and hybrid, multi-media installations that allow for greater interaction with the viewer. Within the genres of painting and drawing, she is interested in images that – in their form, intertwine the natural and the artificial, and in the process create new visual representations. An intuitive approach and conceptual uncertainty have guided the artist’s exploration, which seeks to transcend the viewer’s perception of reality and normality through alternative spaces of communication in order to re-establish meaning. In her search for a pivotal moment of change, she risks the collapse of structures, because only then new relations between the familiar and the foreign are established, and therefore, there is also an opportunity for renewal in the artist’s mimicry of natural processes.

Lana Kosovel

Presented works by Lana Kosovel are the result of the artist’s exploration of space and the possibilities for its representation in the flat drawing, print and painting media. These provide the artist with various possible approaches and planar transformations and in case of canvas and wood, with particular limitations. Divided underlying and surface structures, cutting, assembling and the mutual effects of the resulting components follow from the inquiries into the concept of a portal and its function in passing through. The compositions and gestures result in a spatial effect that draws the observer into emergent structures.

Nika Rupnik

The presented series is the continuation of the Nika Rupnik’s opus depicting nearly virtual spaces, crystallized in the moment they share with the viewer. Translucent surfaces float the images of nature and partially concealed architecture in space, while dictating the works’ site specificity. The relationship between the real and the shadow drawing that is projected behind the work and changes with the lighting conditions, evokes a sense of transience. Changing and disappearing shadows have a parallel in the transience of the depicted architectural spaces, which are already being overgrown by an equally ever changing nature.

Ana Ščuka

Ana Ščuka’s creative practice focuses on the medium of ceramics. Her artistic creation is based upon the foundations of design knowledge. She uses the techniques and processes of ceramic design to create sculptures, with which she is striving to find the intersection between design and art. For the artist, the concept of the instrument and its sonority represents an in-between point that combines functionality with sculpture. The Boraphones are sculptures created from observation of the Karst landscape and its phenomena, and when exposed to the bora winds, they produce sound. Throughout the process of creation, the artist is interested in the aspect of multi-sensory perception and experience, which is also reflected in the final works.

Installation Views

Ana Ščuka Burjafon
Ana Ščuka Burjafon VII 41 x 10 x 7 cm
Tkanja I./ Weaves I._Nika Rupnik