Nika Rupnik

The presented series is the continuation of the Nika Rupnik’s opus depicting nearly virtual spaces, crystallized in the moment they share with the viewer. Translucent surfaces float the images of nature and partially concealed architecture in space, while dictating the works’ site specificity. The relationship between the real and the shadow drawing that is projected behind the work and changes with the lighting conditions, evokes a sense of transience. Changing and disappearing shadows have a parallel in the transience of the depicted architectural spaces, which are already being overgrown by an equally ever changing nature.

Selected Exhibitions


Lateral Drawing, DobraVaga, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Poems in Graphic Art, House of Culture, Pivka, Slovenia


Space of Play, ArtKIT, Maribor, Slovenia

Structure, Layer’s House, Kranj, Slovenia


Fresh Fish, DobraVaga, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Beware of the Dog, Night Window Pešak, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Drawing, DobraVaga, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Crossroads – Illustration Exhibition, K18 Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia


FengShui, Kapsula, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Biennial of Independent: Allstars, DobraVaga, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kapsula, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Vojna in (mi)r, Pivka House of Culture, Pivka, Slovenia


Graphic Spring, Centre of Graphic Arts, Maribor, Slovenia

Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina


Cityjet, Kiosk Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia



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