Sara Skenderija: ZOMA X


8/6/2023 – 27/7/2023

Sara Skenderija’s work explores the ambivalent nature of perception, questioning the concepts of contingency and causality in the process of creation and, consequently, in the relationship between the presented work and the viewer. The artwork as an organism is a concept which reflects the dynamic nature of artistic representations. Like a living organism, an exhibition has a life of its own, leaving traces in the layers of somatic experiences that reflect the encounter between the viewer and the artwork. The transparency and tactility of the media, in harmony with the transience of the installation, blur the boundary between object and subject. The artwork enters the spectator’s dimension and presents itself as a body that wants to establish a closer contact with the spectator. Such experiences are not only visual, but also activate the rest of the senses. For example, the accompanying sound in a gallery can contribute to our perception and interpretation of the work. The accumulated experiences become imprinted in our memory and shape our understanding of art as a living practice. Integrating a forensic approach into the artistic process allows for a unique exploration of creation, perception and interpretation. Consecutiveness is an important aspect ofthe artist’s practice as she creates a new entirety through the repetition of processes. She does not leave autonomy to the material, but consistently draws her own gesture into it. The documentation of the action in the form of Polaroid images is the analytical part of the sequential process and serves to preserve the evidence of an event. By mobilising fragments and interweaving different elements, the artist builds a complete work of art that invites the viewer into a dialogue.


Zoma X* is not just a collection of works, but a unified work with an organic appearance, whose presence invites us to approach the works as remnants of an entity that once existed, rather than as objects that need to be deciphered and analysed. The organic appearance of the artwork further encourages the relationship between object and subject, creating the impression of something that is alive and growing, rather than static and lifeless. This gives the viewer a greater sense of immersion in the exhibition space, where they feel no pressure to interpret or understand the work in a specific way. This relationship is established by deliberately avoiding interpretation and giving explicit information about the meaning or purpose of the work, with which the author in turn creates space for ambiguity and multiple readings, and encourages curiosity and imagination. An equal relationship is established without hierarchical structures and preconceived ideas or expectations of what we should see or feel. Instead, we are left with a somatic experience that transcends intellectual or rational aspirations, and allows us to connect with the work on a deeper level. The deliberate avoidance of interpretation is not an absence of meaning, but rather an invitation to active exploration and experiencing. As such, the exhibition becomes more than a static display, but an evolving entity.


*Works created during the artist’s studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.


Curator: Anja Seničar


Sara Skenderija (1998) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree. She creates mainly in the field of painting and installation, where she takes an experimental approach to media and tries to think outside of strictly rooted definitions. In her artistic practice, she is interested, among other things, in exploring the image as a sequence, somatic notation and the familiarity of the enigma. So far she has presented her work at two solo and several group exhibitions, both at home and abroad; she had her first solo exhibition Faktotum MXM:06 at Dobra Vaga in Ljubljana, she participated in the solo project Unfamiliar Area at the Alkatraz Gallery in Ljubljana, and has exhibited at the Layers and Objects exhibition – a group exhibition at Knifer Gallery, Osijek.

Installation Views