Sara Skenderija Zomi

Thursday, 7. 3. 2024, at 7 pm

Alkatraz Gallery, Masarykova 24, 1000 Ljubljana

Exhibition opening


Free entry, collection of voluntary contributions


Sara Skenderija: ZOMI

The exhibition by the author Sara Skenderija (1998, SI), entitled ZOMI, deliberately avoids the interpretation and contextualization of the works, with the aim of making it easier to think of them as the remains of the existence of an entity that, with its organic appearance, enters into an equal relationship with the viewer. At the same time, the disembodied presence of Zoma opens up space for possible intense, visceral feelings that blur the boundary between subject and object and invite the establishment of a dialogue. For the artist, this is more essential than the mere intellectual perception of the works themselves or their message. In the exhibition, the artist explores the ambivalent nature of perception and questions the concepts of randomness and causality in the process of creation and, consequently, in the relationship between the presented work and the viewer. Like a living organism, the exhibition also leaves traces of its life in layers of somatic experiences that reflect the encounter between the viewer and the work of art. The transparency and tactility of the media in harmony with the transience of the installation blurs the boundary between the object and the subject, after which the work of art enters the viewer’s dimension and presents itself as a body that wants to establish closer contact with the viewer. Such experiences are not only visual but also involve the rest of the senses. In addition to three-dimensional installations, the work is often accompanied by sound in the gallery, which contributes to our perception and interpretation of the work.

In her current practice, the artist uses various materials, such as plexiglass, latex and textiles, to which she applies acrylic and oil paints. Specifically, latex serves her as an appropriate communicator to display the feeling of physicality and tactility.

As is traditional for the Red Dawn festival, the theme of the exhibitions will revolve around gestures that are personal and political. At the exhibition, the author returns to her childhood and questions the value of education versus the value of morals, and through art shows us the grotesqueness of girlhood, where the beautiful and pleasant coincide with the uncomfortable. Through his works, he shows physicality in a way that rejects the strict canon of binary gender and emphasizes the similarity in seemingly different organisms.



Sara Skenderija (1998) graduated in 2022 with the assignment Mimetic Perplexia at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she is currently continuing her master’s studies. He works in the field of painting and installation. In her practice, she is interested in, among other things, enigma, the logic of sequential order and somatic experience, which she explores through an experimental approach to media. So far, she has presented herself at several solo and group exhibitions, including the solo exhibition Zoma X in the Tkalka Gallery (2023), the group exhibition The Eternal Unwritten Letter in the Contemporary Art Gallery in Celje (2023), the solo exhibition Faktotum MXM:06 in Dobra Vagi (2022), and at the group exhibition Layers and Objects in the Knifer gallery in Osijek (2022).




Organization: 25th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns

Coproduction/co-organisation: Alkatraz Gallery, Galerija Tkalka

Design of the poster and graphic design: Ariane Podlesny

Contacts for media and press: Saša Nemec,

Curated by: Anja Seničar

Translation (to English): Ana Makuc

Proof-reading (in Slovene): Neja Berlič

Financial support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana